HBK – Sweet Chin Muzik [Album]

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With Doughboyz Cashout already having steam built up this year from Payroll Giovanni’s Big Bossin’ Vol. 2, another Doughboyz member has stepped up to the plate. HBK came through with his new effort Sweet Chin Muzik, which was a fitting name to say the least. This is HBK’s first offering since early 2017 and it doesn’t disappoint.

Kid does a lot of different things on this tape, and has virtually music for everybody. Go to “Fishtanks in Houses,” and “Smack the S**t Out You” for the old Doughboyz sound. “Just Got Paid” and “Pull Mercedes Up” for good boss talk with Payroll and even a “Runner’s Anthem,” if you catch our drift.

If you’re a fan of Doughboyz at all, you’ll bang this tape all summer for sure. Enjoy up top.