Pac Div – 1st Baptist [Album]

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Pac Div hasn’t dropped a new album since 2012. It’s now 2018, and they’ve finally unleashed a new project 1st Baptist. They originally hung up the group efforts to focus on solo projects, but we’re glad they’re back together. In 10 songs the group reestablish themselves and show fans what they’ve been missing.

1st Baptist has a much slower tempo than we saw from them in the past, but it works for them still. They trade in the loud stuff for songs that are straight raps here. The lyrical chops of Mibbs and Like are on full display with BeYoung playing off of the two. They don’t have any features, and Like produces four of the ten songs, making the project give off a real organic feel. If you’re lookin for vintage Pacific Division turn on “Gorgeous” and you’ll surely be satisfied.