J. Cole – ATM & Kevin’s Heart [Videos]

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Moments after dropping his latest album KOD, Cole immediately started with the visuals. First up was an early standout, “ATM.” If you’ve listened to the song, you know its about money and the visuals stay in tune with that theme. Cole is having a ton of fun with money everywhere throughout the video. He gambles money, counts it, spends some and even gets put in a straight jacket in a room full of money.

The inspiration from the video comes from Busta Rhymes 98′ track “Gimme Some More,” and its no denying it. Busta Rhymes even shouted him out with screen grabs from both the vids. Check cole out channeling his inner Busta above.

The second video from KOD is the great “Kevin’s Heart,” and if you love the song already, this video will make you love it more. Kevin Hart is the star of the video, and after watching you can tell what’s going on. Kevin Hart is treated and looked at as a bad person, most likely stemming from infidelity in his marriage months ago. He was clearly the perfect muse for this video, and it works perfectly.

It seems like everybody is shaking their heads at Kev, and a few select women even try him to no avail. Personally, this is one of my favorite videos of the year and very creative on both Cole’s and Kev’s part. Watch it above.