City Girls – PERIOD [Album]

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Think of the hoodest musical artist you can think of in your head right now. Now mix that artist with Trina. That’s what The City Girls sound like. Hailing from Florida, they channel an unapologetic style of rap and mix it with the subject matter of the baddest b*tch and you have one of the most polarizing female duo’s we’ve seen in a long time.

Scamming, finessing men out of money, stealing other women’s men: it’s all here. You mix that with some great beats and you have a very fun album to listen to. Just from the song titles you know what’s going on: “I’ll Take Your Man,” “Where The Bag At,” & “No Time (Broke N*gga)” are just a few of the titles. Yung Mami and JT even channel Lil Kim by using the hook from “Crush On You” on “F**k On U,” which is a standout on the album.

If you’re a woman and want to feel just a little more liberated than normal, this is for you.