Kanye West – YE [Album]

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A little later than expected, but Kanye West promised us an album and he delivered. Ye is the second project out of Wyoming, and filled with surprises. The cover was shot on the way to the listening session by Kanye West himself, it dropped later than expected and reportedly the whole album changed after Kanye’s run in with TMZ. Sounds like a typical Kanye rollout.

He has a ton of features that include Ty Dolla $ign, 070 Shake, Charlie Wilson, Jeremih and more. The production is so top tier, you wouldn’t belive he just gifted Pusha with 7 gems last week. He does it all here: makes a song for his wife Kim K, a song dedicated to his daughter North, and even a song adressing his bi-bolar diagnosis.

Bad decisions in the media aside, Kanye dropped another solid piece of work. His production game is still amazing, his raps could be a little better but he gets his message across and that’s what matters.

Draw your own opinions above!