Jay Rock – Redemption [Album]

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Somebody recently asked us “when is the last time TDE dropped some mid?” It baffled us, because it took so long to pinpoint an album over the past few years that was subpar from the label. We figured it out, and then concluded that the project honestly wasn’t that bad, and just weaker than the others. The project wasn’t a Jay Rock project, we’re just saying that these guys don’t put out bad stuff.

Redemption is no different. Eastside Johnny’s latest album is what we’ve come to expect from him, hard street tales mixed with a lot of wisdom from being around the block so many times. He’s not glorifying what’s happened in any way, but rather shedding light on what brought him to where he’s at. His muse is the projects that he grew up in, and that’s evident with a few skits that mumble about still being there.

It’s a lot to love here: SZA steals the show on “Redemption” where he addresses the motorcycle incident that almost cost him his life. There’s also “Broke +-” which is backed by a haunting piano that Rock sounds exceptionally comfortable on while speaking of death, being poor amongst other things. Personally, the only thing this album is missing is this snippet from a while ago, that we just knew would be on here. Without though, Rock still has a very solid third album here. One of the best of the year so far.