Tierra Whack – Whack World [EP]

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This is the most intriguing piece of work we’ve heard in 2018. Tierra Whack is from Philadelphia and one of the most creative minds we’ve seen in a long time.

Whack World is 15 songs, all 1 minute each. Yes, the album is only 15 minutes, but in 15 minutes she changes her style up 15 times. She’s says some of the most unhappy of things on the most fun beats, just listen to “F**k Off,” which is an ode to her “deadbeat dad,” but it sounds so fun. She took her time with each 1 minute song and it’s evident. On “Pet Cemetery” she doubles the thought of mourning your dog by making it for both the pet, and your friend as well.

What makes the album even more creative is the visuals that came along with it. It’s a 16 minute video, but really like 15 videos in one. Each video corresponds somehow someway to the song it changes to in some wacky way and that’s the beauty of it.

Stream it above and watch the visuals below.