Chavis Chandler – One Winged Angel [Album]

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Chavis Chandler is one of the hardest rappers in Detroit but without the regular flash of a Detroit rapper. He doesn’t flip a lot of old school songs, he doesn’t rap about hitting the road or lean, it’s none of that with Chav. He talks about coming up on the Eastside of Detroit, now being a father, and rolling a lot of backwoods.

One Winged Angel is his first full-length rap project in a few years, and probably his best overall body of work. He addresses everything that has been going on with him the past few years such as having a daughter, dealing with issues here and there, and he simply flexes his rap chops and shows us why he’s one of Detroit’s brightest stars.

“Finish’ Em,” is a standout because of the flow he mixes with his superb rap skills, “Destiny,” because of how he floats on the beat provided by W$ Kharri, “Hell & Back,” features some amazing vocals from Chav followed by a crazy verse from Royce Da 5’9, but the real winner here is “Summertime.” “Summertime” is an ode to growing up in Detroit, and in 3 verses Chavis explains what issues he faces living in Detroit, the death of a friend, all played behind a beautiful sample.

Listen to One Winged Angel above.