Supakaine – Just Like My Neighbors [Mixtape]

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One of my personal favorite artists out of Detroit has to be Supakaine. He’s not the traditional Detroit artist by any means. He doesn’t rap about what most of them rap about, doesn’t use a lot of the same producers and aligns himself with a different crew of alike people. He’s crafted his own lane that I would like to call “real rap,” which is a lost art nowadays.

Kaine dives into topics such as alcoholism, making something out of yourself with nothing and even makes a beautiful love song here too. Just Like My Neighbors is 11 songs of pure fire. The production is stellar and Kaine doesn’t move too far out of his comfort zone with good reasoning. Everything here has a purpose and makes you want to spin it more and more with each listen. A few amazing tracks include but aren’t limited to “Drug4L” and “Black Umbrella,” but Kaine doesn’t miss at all.

Listen to Just Like My Neighbors above.