The Internet – Hive Mind [Album]

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The Internet dropped a CLASSIC album back in 2015. Ego Death earned them a Grammy nom, critical acclaim and afforded them the opportunity to do a slew of solo projects. In that time period, they released pretty much no music together. That kept fans fiending for a new project from them, and for years it kind of fell on deaf ears.

The day has come, where they have finally come back together for another album. Hive Mind has been years in the making and the proper follow up to Ego Death. 13 songs deep, The Internet try their hand at so much here and don’t miss with anything. The groovy “Beat Goes On,” which is clearly led by Matt Martians is a beautiful hand at something funky. Syd’s voice on “Stay The Night” will make the most reluctant of women pack a stay over bag for sure.

It’s very hard to follow up an album like Ego Death, but The Internet did just that. There are a number of standouts that include “It Gets Better (With Time), “Look What U Started,” and a lot more. We’re done rambling.

Hear Hive Mind above.