LE$ – Trouble In Paradise [Album]

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The intro to LE$’s latest album is Jax from Sons of Anarchy talking about riding his bike, and when you look at the cover it brings the theme of the album home before the first beat drops. Then the first beat drops and LE$ immediately starts to get off his cool laid back raps.

The beats are minimal, but that leaves a lot of room for LE$ to get his thoughts off on each song. The smoothness of “Fall From Grace” and “Dawn” both are extraordinary and embody what LE$ is trying to do on Trouble In Paradise. His music is very quiet but filled with a lot of content and gems if you really listen to lyrics. “Dawn” is the culmination of that, backed by a beautiful sample where he gets great bars off for 3 minutes. Turn this on when you’re driving home from work as the sun is setting and you’ll walk in the house with a new piece of mind.

We guarantee that.