Chavis Chandler – Summertime [Video]

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Chavis Chandler dropped the best project of his career, and for whatever reason, it didn’t get the attention it deserved. One Winged Angel is one of the strongest releases this year, and the tracks on it attest to that. One of the standouts from the album just got the visual treatment.

“Summertime” is personally my favorite song on the album for multiple reasons. Eli Myles LACED Chav with a crazy beat that features a beautiful sample. Chavis is talking about the harsh reality of how growing up in Detroit can be hard while putting together an amazing song.

The visual is set in Detroit and director Karl Kingston brings a beautiful song to life. “Summertime” is in black and white for a reason and you feel it more when listening to the lyrics. There are a ton of beautiful shots in this video showcasing just how great Detroit looks. Whether it be the boxing scenes, playing basketball, children or the cuts of our downtown, Karl Kingston did an amazing job.

Peep above.