Mac Miller – Swimming [Album]

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Mac Miller has been under a rock since his last full release, The Divine Feminine and that’s very typical of the Pittsburgh rapper. He usually drops something, then falls off the face of the earth until it’s time for a new album. A failed relationship later and more accusations of drug use, Mac is back with a new album, Swimming.

Swimming is solid from top to bottom. A smooth listen that sounds therapeutic, to say the least. He’s getting out all of his thoughts that he’s most likely been keeping under wraps since his last album and we’re here for it. He opts to go featureless, which works beautifully in this case because it’s an album all about him. On the production side, we have Cardo, ID Labs, Tee-WaTT, J.ColeDJ Dahi and more who all create a beautiful palate for Mac Miller to get in his comfort zone and let us know how he’s feeling on wax.

Listen to Swimming above.