No ID’S Favorite Albums of The Year (So far)

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As far as music goes, this year has been an incredible one. Kanye West locked G.O.O.D. Music in Wyoming and churned out a number of albums, Travis Scott came through with probably his best project ever and the amount of music that came out the likes of Atlanta, Detroit and The Bay has been heavy. So with that, we have to assess who’s had the best project so far. There are a number of albums that didn’t quite make the cut such as Punken or Scorpion but we feel like the projects here deserve.

Check out our favorite 25 albums so far and be sure to let us know what you agree and what you don’t!


25. The Carters – Everything Is Love

Release Date: June 16th, 2018

Must Listen: “APESHIT,” “713” + “FRIENDS”

Ironically this dropped the same weekend as Nas did, and outshined the hell out of Nas. It did so with good reason, Jay-Z and Beyonce put together a beautiful record here. There are so many highlights: Quavo’s ad-libs on “APESHIT,” Beyonce’s hook on “713” and the whole “BLACK EFFECT” song. Jay-Z somehow still manages to sound like the best rapper ever in 2018, and that’s amazing. Everything Is Love is crazy top to bottom.

24. A$AP RockyTesting

Release Date: May 25th, 2018

Must Listen: “Praise The Lord,” “Hun43rd,” + “Black Tux, White Collar”

When I heard A$AP’s third album would be called Testing I knew it would be a left-field release from the Harlem rapper. That, it was. Testing is just that: A Test. Upon first listen I knew everybody wouldn’t take it well. But you have to appreciate an artist trying different things. There are duds sure, but the songs that are good, are really good.

23.  Trouble & Mike Will Made It – Edgewood

Release Date: March 23rd, 2018

Must Listen: “Come Through,” “Rider,” + “Selfish”

If you have a beatsmith in your corner like Mike Will it’s hard to lose. Atlanta’s Trouble does just that with his album Edgewood. 16 songs of banging beats and a southern drawl like no other is what Edgewood is. Mike Will delivers some great beats and Trouble delivers some introspective verses at times that seem like they should be elsewhere. It also helps that he has Fetty Wap sounding good on a feature for the first time in a while.

22. Freddie GibbsFreddie

Release Date: June 22nd, 2018

Must Listen: “Deathrow,” “2 Legit,” + “Diamonds 2”

“Diamonds 2” is my favorite song to drop in 2018. I should say that to begin this. The promo behind this album was incredible the days before it dropped. That helped as well. Then Freddie also delivered, and that counts for something too. A lot of aggressive raps about selling dope and robbing people are here and if you’re into that type of thing Freddie doesn’t disappoint. He also gets the best 03 Greedo verse I’ve ever heard, a crazy Mary J. sample, and a beautiful voice from a woman by the name of Cassie Jo Craig to close the album. A clear winner in 2018.

21. The WeekndMy Dear Melancholy,

Release Date: March 30th, 2018

Must Listen: “Wasted Times,” + “Hurt You”

I was on the fence about including EP’s, but good music is good music, and this was good, to say the least. On My Dear Melancholy, The Weekend sounds depressed as if he’s fell in love and had incredible sex with a woman. Just to have her taken all his coke on the wake-up. If you can make me feel your pain like that, you deserve a spot for one of the best albums this year.

20. Mac MillerSwimming

Release Date: August 3rd, 2018

Must Listen: “Ladders,” “Conversation Pt.1,” + “Jet Fuel”

Mac Miller has a very underrated catalog for whatever reason. Swimming is great, but in the hype of the weekend he released it will be another great album in his discography that gets kind of forgotten about. He doesn’t deserve that. Swimming isn’t clouded with features, the raps are very good, and the production fits Mac like a glove. Easily one of the better and more digestible albums this year.


Chavis ChandlerOne Winged Angel

Release Date: June 22nd, 2018

Must listen: “Finish Em,” “Hell & Back,” + “Summertime”

Fans had been waiting on Chavis Chandler’s One Winged Angel, for quite some time before it finally seen the light of day. When it finally dropped, it was obvious that Chavis had spent his time perfecting it. There are no bad songs, no verses out of place none of that. The soulful “Summertime” is a clear standout and a testament of how deep he can go. If you slept on this one, go pick that up.

18. YGStay Dangerous

Release Date: August 3rd, 2018


If Stay Dangerous has the last 8 songs, “BIG BANK,”  “BULLETPROOF” and maybe “TOO COCKY” he nearly has a flawless album. From “POWER” on, he doesn’t miss. Before #8 though, he has a few missteps and that hurts him. Overall, he still drops a great album and has the best closer to an album in 2018. Also, this makes him 3/3 album wise. Good job Gizzle.

17. SupakaineJust Like My Neighbors

Release Date: July 13th, 2018

Must Listen: “Pure Jam,” “Just Like,” + “Drug4L”

Supakaine thrives off a few things. He doesn’t sound like the average Detroit artists and he’s a rapper that thrives off making real rap music. There’s a message in almost every song here if not every song, and in today’s landscape that should count for something. 7-9 he hits a perfect stride and has us waiting around for the next tape. Just like My Neighbors is motivational if anything and sometimes we all need that motivation. Life’s not that bad and go out and get the things you want.

16. Kali UchisIsolation

Release Date: “Your Teeth In My Neck,” “Gotta Get Up,” + “Feel Like a Fool”

Kali Uchis found spotlight guesting on various Tyler The Creator projects, but her debut album Isolation showed she was a Pop/R&B powerhouse. From top to bottom her beautiful voice takes us on an actual trip to her world with a lot of surprises throughout the voyage. The standouts include the ones mentioned above, but “After The Storm” “Dead To Me” are bops as well.

15. Dave EastP2

Release Date: January 16th,2018

Must Listen: “Prosper,” “Powder,” + “What Made Me”

From the jump, P2 flows how you want a rap album to flow. The intro and second song are a 1,2 punch that’s unrivaled this year as far as kicking albums off. The reason this album is so high is because of the bars that live on it. Dave East is doing some of the rapping of the year on this joint, and brings a few great rappers along. Lloyd Banks & T.I. both drop great verses and East isn’t a slouch on any of the 15 tracks.

14. Kanye West & Kid CudiKIDS SEE GHOSTS

Release Date: June 8th, 2018

Must Listen: “4th Dimension,” + “Kids See Ghosts”

The second best album to come out of Wyoming was undoubtedly Kids See Ghosts. All fans of Kanye and Kid Cudi have always wanted a joint project from the two, and when it finally came it didn’t disappoint. The instrument that is Kid Cudi’s hum is a beautiful instrument that is utilized perfectly here. We hope they do a part 2.

13. Tierra WhackWhack World

Release Date: May 30th, 2018

Must Listen: “Pet Cemetery,” “F**k Off,” + “Waze”

The most creative album of the year is easily Tierra Whack’s Whack World. Released as a visual, and each song only running one minute as far as run times goes, she did something no one has done ever. On top of that, the music is damn good. If this is how she’s coming early on we can’t wait to see what she does next. Everyone is watching, Tierra.

12. Jay RockRedemption

Release Date: June 15th, 2018

Must Listen: “OSOM,” “Broke +-,” + “Redemption”

Redemption was the perfect title for Jay Rock’s latest album. His last album went over a few heads for whatever reason, (We liked it) but overall it wasn’t received the way it should be. Redemption isn’t like that at all. Upon first listen it’s almost flawless and in the weeks to come it aged well. A clear contender for one of the best albums of the year. Jay Rock’s raps are razor sharp, and his flow is clear and concise. Redemption, at its finest.

11. GunnaDrip Season 3

Release Date: February 2nd, 2018

Must Listen: “Top Off,” “Car Sick,” + “Spending Addiction”

There’s a feature on Apple Music that shows you what the people you follow are listening to whenever you click a certain option. Gunna’s Drip Season 3 is almost always there. Most albums fizzle out and you see it here and there, but not Drip Season 3. It’s here to stay and has been a heavily played album all year. He got his style from Thug, but he took it and ran with it. Drip Season 3 is the culmination of that.

10. Key! & Kenny Beats777

Release Date: May 4th, 2018

Must Listen: “Demolition 1 + 2,” “It Gets Better,” + “Love On Ice”

One of the most underrated but most played tapes for me this year has to be Key! And Kenny Beats tape 777. Kenny Beats has been working overtime this year with beats here, all over Freddie Gibb’s album and even a gold plaque for a track on Youngboy’s latest album. Key! On the other hand floats, all over this tape. Everything down to his ad-libs are on point including the flows, bars and overall aesthetic he produces. 777 is one of the most fun albums of 2018.

9. Arin RayPlatinum Fire

Release Date: March 9th, 2018

Must Listen: “Communication,” “HMU,” + F**k Ya’ll”

This album was a little slept on, but probably the strongest overall this year R&B wise. Arin Ray was able to cover a lot of ground on his debut Platinum Fire. There’s love songs for everyone and every situation here. You mix that with some great production and very timely features, you have a great album packed into one cohesive body of work. He left his soul on this one, and for that, we’re still bumping it.

8. Robb Bank$Mollyworld

Release Date: March 9th, 2018

Must Listen: “225,” “Over Here,” + “Green Hearted (iDigg)”

If it’s up to me this is top 5. For journalistic purposes, it’s here at 9. Behind that Freddie Gibbs track, “Over Here” is my next favorite song of 2018. Robb Bank$ is one of the most unpredictable rappers out based on the fact you don’t know what he’s going to say next. Mollyworld has a lot of that going on, and if you’re a fan of his at all it doesn’t disappoint. The beats and production is top notch, and overall Bank$ was able to put together a very strong offering.

7. Payroll Giovanni & Cardo Got WingsBig Bossin’ Vol.2

Release Date: January 26th, 2018

Must Listen: “Mail Long,” “5’s and 6’s,” + “BYLUG Outro”

What Payroll Giovanni and Cardo were able to do with Big Bossin’ Vol. 1 was incredible. On 2, the duo went even further and doubled down on their sound. It dropped in January but was an album rooted in riding during the summertime with no top. You can look at the cover and tell as much. Payroll is a marksman when it comes to hitting his target, and he paints a story of wins, losses, and hustling. Good job Payroll. Greater job Cardo.

6. SabaCare For Me

Release Date: April 5th, 2018

Must Listen: “Smile,” “Logout,” + “Grey”

Saba dropped one of the most important albums of 2018 with Care For Me. In a world where black men don’t discuss how they feel often, he let it all out on wax. It came out as a great body of work that makes one think and also lends a helping hand to those who feel like they need it. He’s alone, but he’s letting everybody know it’s okay to be alone sometimes.

5. BuddyHarlan & Alondra

Releaste Date: July 20th, 2018

Must Listen: “Shameless,” “Trouble On Central,” + “Young”

Harlan & Alondra is easily one of the best albums of the year. It runs crazy smooth, and Buddy utilizes a lot of styles, artists, and producers to properly put together this album. He speaks as a man who still doesn’t have it all figured out, but is actively working towards figuring it out. That’s cool, because most don’t know EXACTLY where they are in life, but every day we’re working to figure it out. We all can relate, Buddy.

4. Nipsey HussleVictory Lap

Release Date: February 16th, 2018

Must Listen: “Blue Laces 2,” “Loaded Bases,” + “Double Up”

Everything came full circle for Nipsey Hussle this past February when he dropped his official debut, Victory Lap. He showed everyone that you can stick to your roots and not compromise with a label and still get what you want out the deal. Victory Lap is just that, a Victory Lap. Nip is strong and confident as ever and with good reason. He delivers one of the best verses of the year on the last verse of “Blue Laces 2,” and motivates the world with tracks like “Million While You Young.” If he takes off 8 and 9, he might have a classic album. Even those 2 blunders don’t stop him from having top 5 albums of the year.

3. Pusha T – Daytona

Release Date: May 25th, 2018

Must Listen: “Santeria,” + “Infrared”

Pusha T has what probably is a classic with Daytona. Literally, the only thing wrong with it is the fact that it’s so short. If we’re going off what we got though, Pusha T doesn’t miss. His raps are lethal, he’s at necks and this is the album that set up what would be the first rap L we saw Drake take. His coke raps are out of this world, his luxurious bars are opulent, to say the least and Kanye’s beats are immaculate. If Wyoming didn’t produce anything, it produced this amazing body of work.

2. J.ColeKOD

Release Date: April 20th, 2018

Must Listen: “Kevin’s Heart,” “Brackets,” + “Friends”

KOD is a gravely important album. Drug addiction, taxes, love are all topics that Cole tackles here. He manages to not sound preachy, he doesn’t bore you and the bars are top notch. He again goes featureless and that makes the album even more dope. He’s focused, and you can hear it. There’s not one weak song, nothing out of place or out of sequence. Way to deliver Cole.

1. Travis ScottAstroworld

Release Date: August 3rd, 2018

Must Listen: “Sicko Mode,” “Stop Trying To Be God” + “Can’t Say”

Travis Scott dug deep enough in his bag of tricks to touch the earth’s core for Astroworld. Upon first listen it was like a party that more people I really liked kept getting invited too, and they all came bearing gifts. Stevie Wonder brought his harmonica, Drake brought a good friend of his (Tay Keith), 21 Savage brought his unapologetic flow, and Travis introduced a new cool guy Don Tolliver. Everything fit together for this release all the way down to the great promo surrounding it. Travis Scott brought an All-Star cast of people together for an album, and it was a big win for him. So far, he has the best album of 2018. We’re willing to argue it too.