Nicki Minaj Calls Friends To Deny Ghostwriting Rumors During Awkward Funk Flex Interview

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Nicki Minaj takes time away from promoting her recent studio album, Queen, to sit down for an intense interview with Hot 97’s Funk Flex.

From the start, the interview was – for lack of a better term – awkward with Nicki beginning the episode with various eye rolls and claiming that Flex’s known malice towards her is deeper than rap. From there tensions grew to make for a weird exchange that was capped by Flex asking the rapper if her ex, Safaree, was her ghostwriter. To this, Minaj used a life-line by phoning a friend who insisted that “no man will ever write” for her after explaining how Safaree can’t rap.

Yet, there were positives to this interview. In a surprising move, Minaj pays homage to longstanding rival, Lil Kim, stating that Kim (along with others) have served as inspiration throughout her tenure and prompted her to create Queen’s standout track, “Barbie Dreams.”

Watch Nicki Minaj on Funk Flex’s We Gota Story To Tell: