Free The Dawgs: Meek Mill Urges People To Vote For Prison Reform

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“When I say ‘Free The Dawgs’ I free ‘em / That’s how Meek got his freedom.”

After a flawed trial and consistent support from entertainment superstars like JAY-Z granted Meek Mill a bail release in Apr., the Philly rapper has been going “apeshit” in an attempt to reform the United States’ prison system. And in his latest move, Meek has become an advocate for the release of inmate, Erick Riddick.

Erick Riddick has been in prison since 1991 where he is serving a life sentence for first-degree murder due to a legal technicality. According to ABC News, the lone witness in Riddick’s case recanted leading Riddick to file an appeal which was denied by the judge due to a law that made his appeal pass due for consideration.

“(It is) likely that an innocent man sits behind bars for no better reason than a poorly conceived statute,” the judge wrote in a letter explaining why Riddick’s appeal was rejected.

Meek first spoke on Reddick’s case in Jun., but has picked up the discourse recently as the 2018 midterms are approaching. The rapper who was imprisoned with Reddick hopes that this situation will shine light on the biases of the judicial system. Meek is urging those with the ability to vote in for judges and attorneys that will use their positions in order to help people in similar positions to that of Reddick.

“Judges can actually think your innocent, but keep you in prison,” Meek explained. “We’re the people who have to be judged by these people. I think we should all use our power and (vote for) people who are normal people and people who will use power with morals.”