Tay-K’s Co-Defendant Will Testify Against Him

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It appears that Kodak’s release may be the only blessing the system will be giving Hip-hop as one of Tay-K‘s accomplices has agreed to testify against the rapper in exchange for a lighter sentence.

According to local Dallas, TX news, one of Tay-K’s six co-defendants, 22-year-old Ariana Bharrat, has reached a plea deal where she will avoid capital murder charges by taking the stand against the rapper and two other co-defendants. This deal is similar to one struck another co-defendant, Megan Holt, earlier this year.

As known, Tay-K was incarcerated following the explosion of his breakout hit, “The Race,” on charges stemming from a 2016 incident that left one dead. He is also accused of being involved in a brutal attack that of a 65-year-old elderly man.

And although part of Bharrat’s deal will allow her to avoid the capital murder charges that Tay-K has been battling, like the other accomplice that flipped, Bharrat will still serve a 25-year sentence where she will bear the taboo label of “snitch.” A trade-off that makes one wonder if telling was even worth it.