Thank You For Everything, Mac Miller.

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The truth is, I’ve never taken the loss of any celebrity especially hard. When I heard the news of the untimely passing of Mac Miller, that changed. I’ve been a fan of Mac Miller since KIDS, it was the time Wiz was really popping so I figured why not give another person from Pittsburg a shot? I did, and I was impressed, to say the least. If you’ve heard KIDS, you know that was a special time in the blog era and a great tape that propelled Mac into the star he became after.

Between all his albums, mixtapes and everything between Mac left us with a ton of good music. He rarely ever missed and was a master craftsman when it came to putting together full projects. From KIDS to Swimming, Mac never took a project off. We thank him for that. Whether it was happy go lucky mac or downright depressed Mac, he was someone most people could relate to, especially someone like me who’s been an avid fan for years.

We decided to give you our favorite songs from Mac from each project, just in case you’ve missed anything over the years. Enjoy and Rest In Peace to a great musician, Mac Miller.

The High Life

Released: December 1st, 2009

Favorite Song: Another Night

The High Life is a tape most had to go back to hear from Mac after KIDS, but it’s quality nonetheless. The backpack raps are here and you can tell that Mac is on the brink of really finding his niche all over this tape. A standout moment for me was “Another Night.” A song about his writing process it’s detailing how he sits at the crib smokes weed, drinks and his entire creative process.


Released: August 3rd, 2010

Favorite Song: Ride Around

There are a number of songs I love off of KIDS, but the beat and sample on “Ride Around” is second to none. I knew when I heard Mac float over the “Nite and Day” sample by Al B. Sure that this kid was able to craft a mellow song if he couldn’t do anything. It embodied the fun that all his young fans at that time seemed to be having, and Mac himself. The hook is rooted in that fun talking about a full tank of gas, some shit to smoke and hanging your Nikes out the ride. It’s almost the shortest song on the tape, but that doesn’t matter because Mac proves his point fast. He’s just trying to smoke and have fun.

Best Day Ever

Released: March 11th, 2011

Favorite Song: Wear My Hat

To my knowledge, “Wear My Hat” was the start of the Mac Miller and Chuck Inglish rapper/producer combo and it was a good one. The drums on this track are pretty much perfect and Mac sounds so relaxed over the smooth production. A simple song about a woman wearing his hat is much more than that at 18 years old. It’s a love song, but Mac puts his own spin and charm on it.

As much as I love “Wear My Hat” don’t sleep on “Keep Floatin'” because that’s a close second.

I Love Life, Thank You

Released: October 14th, 2011

Favorite Song: Pranks & Players

At this point, Mac was firing on all cylinders leading up to the release of his debut album Blue Slide Park. I Love Life, Thank You was a random mixtape he dropped out of the sky a month before the album was set to release. The gem from that mixtape? Undoubtedly the Cardo produced and Sir Michael Rocks featured “Pranks 4 Players.” Mac and Mike trade bars about TV shows and pulling stars out the sky over an especially good Cardo production. The two have an obvious chemistry that should have been explored a little further, but nonetheless, we got this gem so we’re very grateful.

Blueslide Park

Released: November 8th, 2011

Favorite Song: Diamonds & Gold

Blueslide Park is probably the weakest project Mac ever dropped, for obvious reasons. It was his debut album, and it was treated as such. It was clear that the label stirred him into a corner to achieve commercial success, which he did going #1. Critically, it failed. One song that stuck out to me regardless of that was “Diamonds & Gold,” which was a break from the commercial records that lived on his debut. It was a song about a woman who stayed independent, making it hard for her to find love. It was a song with some substance, standing next to records that didn’t for the most part and that’s why it stood out.



Released: March 23rd, 2012

Favorite Song: Fight The Feeling (feat. Iman Omari & Kendrick Lamar) + Sunlight (feat. Iman Omari)

On Macadelic, Mac heard the down talk about Blueside Park and went back to the drawing board. None of the records were like anything we’d heard from Mac and he’d struck gold in a whole new market. He traded in the happy go lucky raps for drugged out ones and sharpened his pen game to the T. The raps on Macadelic are damn good, and he flexes his newfound lyricism all over the tape. There are so many good tracks we had to pick two, and both of them feature Iman Omari, signaling some great chemistry between the two. “Fight The Feeling” is also produced by Iman Omari and he provides the ultimate palette for Kendrick and Mac to get their thoughts off about life, childhood and a plethora of different topics.

“Sunlight” is more of an introspective track, that Teddy Roxpin produced. This is one of the rare times on Macadelic where he seems to be happy and it comes across as if everything is okay for this moment. He follows it with a few aggressive raps, but at that moment, Mac seemed to be cool.

Larry Lovestein & The Velvet Revival

Released: November 20th, 2012

Favorite Song: Love Affair

If there’s a project that could have foreshadowed the great Devine Feminine album, it’s Larry Lovestein’s jazz album, The Velvet Revival. It was Mac’s take at a jazz album and showed us he had a lot of musicianship to him outside of just being a rapper. It was an album based around love and Mac didn’t rap at all over it, opting to sing the entire thing. The standout has to be “Love Affair,” where Mac fantasizes about settling down and starting a family. The melody on the hook is smooth as silk, Mac created a perfect track here.

Watching Movies With The Sound Off

Released: June 18th, 2013

Favorite Song: S.D.S.

Watching Movie With The Sound Off is Mac Miller rapping his ass off. Simple. The raps here are nothing short of amazing with Mac flexing his lyrical powers on each and every track. “S.D.S” is a Flying Lotus produced track where Mac is spitting from beginning to end. He barely takes breaths in between bars and only slows down for the hook where he’s talking about aristocratic parties. We could have picked a number of tracks to go off of with this great album, but “S.D.S” is our favorite.


Released: May 11th, 2014

Favorite Song: Polo Jeans (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)

One of my favorite verses ever by Mac Miller is on the Earl Sweatshirt assisted “Polo Jeans.” Most of the songs on this one are very dark and detail drug abuse, and “Polo Jeans” features that subject matter, but the beat is on the happier side so the things he says might not sound as harsh as they really are in reality. He raps “Just went through a half ounce of coke/blood pouring all out my nose/don’t tell my mom I got a drug problem.” What makes the song really cool is the rawness of both Earl and Mac both getting out how they feel about being criticized on wax about their music. The bunny sample that starts off the song comes from the movie “Gummo” and was used because of the empathy both Sweatshirt and Mac felt for the bunny in the movie.

GO:OD am

Released: September 18th, 2015

Favorite Song: ROS

Not one to fall in the curse of dropping a major league debut and flopping, Mac Miller put his all into GO:OD am. There are a number of songs that could be considered the best for a plethora of different reasons. “Rush Hour” came complete with a bopping beat to ride around to, “Ascension” is a brutally honest record with Mac facing his demons on the ID labs produced cut and “Weekend” is a hit, flat out. The complexity of “ROS” is a beautiful one though. DJ Dahi gave Mac a lot to work with and backed by the piano, he creates one hell of a love song.

The Divine Feminine

Released: September 16th, 2018

Favorite Song: Planet God Damn (Feat. Njozma)

In a relationship with Ariana Grande and deep in love, The Divine Feminine is Mac’s best body of work to me personally. Only 10 songs long, Mac make sure he doesn’t miss with any of them, making this a hard choice. The song that I just couldn’t live without though undoubtedly has to be “Planet God Damn.” Vinylz and Frank Dukes came together to create this amazing production, and it was easy for Mac to hit a home run. The second verse is a beautiful one, really capturing how in love Mac is and describing that love in a number of ways. This album is a masterpiece, and “Planet God Damn” is one of the many reasons for that.


Released: August 3rd, 2018

Favorite Song: Jet Fuel

One of the most artistic songs on Mac’s final album was undoubtedly “Jet Fuel.” Mac uses jet fuel as a metaphor for drugs and alcohol he uses to deal with his problems. Alcohol and drugs are used to get one high, just as a plane uses jet fuel to lift off. It’s all in the lyrics, and Mac says he never runs out of drugs, by saying he never runs out of jet fuel. The mellow beat produced by Larry Fisherman, DJ Dahi, and Steve Lacy is the perfect soundscape for Mac to get quality bars off and he does just that for 5 minutes. We’re sad this is where Mac’s albums end, but he left us with a good one. It was in our top 25 of the year, and another solid album in his catalog. There are many gems, but “Jet Fuel” is our favorite.

We thank you for all the gems, Mac. Let us know your favorites!