DopeDiv – Coney Run [Album]

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This is one of the most Detroit tapes we’ve heard in a while. It’s so Detroit if you’re not from there, there’s a chance you might not have the slightest idea what the trio DopeDiv is talking about at times. A Coney Run is a simple thing to a Detroiter, but in this sense, they add a lot of flair and finesse to what’s usually something relatively routine.

They kick it off beautifully with an amazing Intro by the great Delo Brown, and from there shoutout Blade, further the obsession of Cartier Glasses and use hella analogies that coincide with everything that makes a Coney Run. They really a crazy stride on “Roll Wit’ Me,” which is a sample of the classic “Imaginary Players” by Jigga.

Stream the 10-track effort above.